How does Quickbooks for Accountants work?

With Quickbook for Accountants does the client pay the cost of having Quickbboks?

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I haven't had any VAT Registered clients since pre-MTD but now I have been asked to act for a new one who is VAT Registered. He says he enters all his sales and purchases online into Quickbooks but he says the accountant set it up with their software. It would obviously make sense to keep his records going. I have had a look at Quickbooks and it says there is something called Quickbooks for Accountants which is apparently free (??) but there is a charge for each client (??) if I understand what it is saying. Can anyone tell me simply how this works and how we would transfer his records from the old accountants set up to me? Sorry I was born in the days when a computer was an abacus.

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By WinterDragon
14th Mar 2024 16:34

You can sign up for QuickBooks Online for Accounts (QBOA) for free and then each subscription can be either accountant-billed or client-billed. If you choose to pay for it then you should get a wholesale discount which you can pass on to the client or charge the client full whack and keep the difference.

As for the transfer, the primary admin (which is likely in this case to be the old accountant) needs to assign the primary admin role to someone else - either the client or you once you've been invited as a user. The old accountant can then be removed or can remove themselves as a user so they will no longer have access.

Speak to QuickBooks, they are a friendly bunch and have never been ruthless with sales or trying to convince me to sign up 100 clients at once. They might have tried it once when I signed up but they do listen when you say no.

I have never had any major issues with QBOA and can recommend it as fairly straightforward for accountants.

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By tltodman
15th Mar 2024 11:08

If you have, like me, just one client on QBO and the client pays for the subscription then the client just adds you as an accountant user, sends you a log in invite and away you go. I don't have any dealings direct with QB other than logging in and using my client's software.

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By fmuk
21st Mar 2024 11:24

I agree with WinterDragon, QBOA is free and great for setting up clients on QuickBooks. We also use it for our own practice, after using Xero for a number of years (finding it much better than Xero).
You will receive a substantial discount for clients if billed through your firm.
You would need to go through the training to become a QB ProAdvisor though.

Other than that, go with the tltodman advice if you only have the one client using it.

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