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How does your practice manage client information?

How do you capture and find client information? What problems do you face that we could help solve.


What is the biggest problem you face when trying to collect or find information?
Do you ask clients questions over email or do you use an online form/tool?
Are clients printing/signing documents and posting them back to you, or do you have a e-signature solution?

Background: I'm the co-founder of AccountingHub, a new client portal and practice management solution established this year. I would really appreciate hearing from accountants in practice about the systems you are using to manage and communicate with clients.

Many thanks
Kieran Fitzsimons


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05th Dec 2017 21:39

I fear you have missed the boat. Accountancy Manager have trawled the members here for the past few months.

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to andy.partridge
06th Dec 2017 12:14

Thanks Andy, I think Accountancy Manager is a great system from what I've seen but it's always good to have some competition. Interesting to read that only about 20% of practices are using a practice management solution though.

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By Pelican
05th Dec 2017 19:22

What Andy Partridge says.

We use Accountancy Manager and Hellosign for e-signature

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05th Dec 2017 19:47

I use BTC for practice management (and their tax package).

I use email to request information and receive documents.

DropBox for storage of information and occasional sharing of documents.

Adobe eSign for all signatures.

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to Sheepy306
06th Dec 2017 12:01

Thanks for the feedback, I know BTC is a popular choice on the practice management side.

If managing information became a problem over email, our client portal could be of use. Bringing together forms, documents and e-signatures.

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05th Dec 2017 20:22

I give clients a call and have a chat.

They like that - and so do I, so I do.

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