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How easy is it to get a gross certificate?

How easy is it to get a gross certificate?

I have a client who works in the Construction Industry and has, up until now, only worked for private individuals - however, he now has a contract with a company who want to deduct 20% from his income.

The amounts we are talking about are quite large so he would prefer to be paid gross - so I called HMRC and they said no problem, the director needs to call the CIS helpline and a gross certificate can be issued after going through a few questions - sounds easy.

However, the client has called HMRC today and spoke to what it sounds like was quite a nasty piece of work and was told things like 'surely a director should know this sort of information' and 'how basic do you want it to be?' which, if this is true, is surely quite insulting!

In the end my client put the phone down on the guy and is no nearer getting a gross certificate - I know that he needs to satisfy the 'turnover test' but seeing as his turnover is nearly #250k he should do that!

Can anyone offer any help or advice in this situation?


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03rd Apr 2012 15:54


Ring again. Next one will probably be as nice as pie.

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03rd Apr 2012 16:26


Sometimes the attitude is appalling.  I would have


at the top of every PC.


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03rd Apr 2012 16:34


I have a client who is going through this process at the moment.

HMRC do need a fair few pieces of info though (or at least they asked the client for it).

They wanted....

Last 12 months construction turnover

Material costs in relation to the above.

Company bank account details.

Names of directors & shareholders. 

Directors personal tax info (NI, UTR, Name)


But, I gave them a heads up of this before they called as they were a pain for wanting info with the last client who applied. Easiest thing to do, call the CIS line yourself, see what info is needed, tell the client, and then if they need help raise a fee on it. 


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03rd Apr 2012 16:46

One of our clients got a numpty on a CIS refund a while ago

Self employed person waiting for their CIS refund last year and our calls, and online requests for repayment, achieved nothing. Client wanting to blame us for the delay so we advised they call HMRC themselves. The person they spoke to was extremely rude, said they wouldn't refund the tax until they received the CIS vouchers (which don't exist anymore!!!!) and that their useless accountant should know this!

We called back and the HMRC person had actually logged their comments, so we got an apology ... but our client believed them and was most upset that we were not following correct procedures and all my platitudes were shrugged off as excuses until I said (in desperation) 'give me the damn vouchers and I'll send them in!

.... what vouchers?

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By mumpin
03rd Apr 2012 16:47

Send them a form...

...CIS 305.

Then you can complete it for him.

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10th Apr 2012 10:44

Briefing client
HMRC recommended my client apply over the phone to speed the application process versus sending the form by post.

I filled in the form so when the client phoned they had all the answers to hand and gross status was confirmed within two weeks.

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10th Apr 2012 10:58

Construction income
Apart from questions above what is confusing is that the construction turnover test has to be CIS turnover not the company turnover as I found out when I was doing it with a client and this may have confused him as well.

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13th Jun 2012 11:03

Application for Payment

Jumping on to the back of this topic, I have an air conditioning installation company who has only just set up but needs to provide Applications for Payment, does anybody have a template they wouldn't mind sharing or know of a fairly cheap and simple package that could be used?

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