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How: HMRC to send statements direct to client

Registered as agent and would like HMRC to send SA statements directly to client. Also PAYE coding

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Two separate clients:

One in SA: statements come to agent.  Does anyone know where in the Agent logon you can change the settings so that the statements are sent to the client.

One employer: I am registered as the agent, but the client does their own payroll.  PAYE coding notices are coming to me.  How do I chnage the settings so the coding notices go to the client?

I have clicked on all the options and cannot find how to achieve this.  Do I have to write to HMRC?

Many thanks


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By K81
16th Jul 2019 13:05

for the statements through SA you need to phone HMRC to get this changed, I don't know about the employers question but suspect the answer is the same, call HMRC.

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