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How long are you waiting for reply

Nearly two months since penalty appeal and vat decision

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I sent away a penalty appeal letter in April and also a letter for a vat decision at the same time. I realise that some resoucres were redirected to the Brexit department and replies would take longer. How long are you waiting for replies and have you noticed a slippage in the time it takes to receive a reply.

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By codling
14th Jun 2019 10:58

Several appeals against late filing penalties submitted as soon as penalty notices received. Only one response so far.
One appeal refers to a partnership that a client with mental difficulties set up which should not have been and now she has received a notice about daily penalties which is causing further stress and anxiety.
HMRC, however, demanding responses with unreasonable time limits. Initial enquiry letter sent out second class received a week after the letter date demanded a response within 21 days or further action would be taken. I essentially told HMRC to sod off and suggested a much more appropriate time frame which was reluctantly agreed.
One law for HMRC and another for us!

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By bernard michael
14th Jun 2019 13:50

Currently on one 3 months and counting I was told today that HMRC have a huge backlog and 4 months is the norm at this time

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