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How long does it take

How long does it take

How long is it taking from filing an SA return to the liability showing up on the individuals HMRC
On line. I submitted my sisters 3 days ago and it's not showing up yet. She Is the only person I know
who likes paying tax and onto me every 5 minutes about it. I have submission receipts confirming acceptance
But I am becoming concerned the liabilities are not updated yet. Anyone had similar experience. You would think it
It would update within a few hours like a bank does.


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By ACDWebb
25th Jan 2013 05:22


it's next day. More often it seems to take a couple.

You can normally get a clue at the top of the page where there is an "Updated to" note

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25th Jan 2013 09:05

I assume you have a 64-8 in place ie sent to HMRC at least 6 weeks ago.

If you haven't the return/client won't appear until the 64-8 is logged

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25th Jan 2013 09:09

What's the problem?

"She Is the only person I know who likes paying tax and onto me every 5 minutes about it."

So, tell her to pay the amount of tax you have calculated either by internet banking, quoting her UTR which you must know, or by cheque with the payslip from the reminder which she must have received.

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By Glennzy
25th Jan 2013 09:20

64-8 been in place for

4 years.

 I have just switched systems to Digita so this is first lot of filing I have done with new system so it has made me nervous.

Hopefully they will update today.

Otherwise I may have to sack my sister as a client.





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By DMGbus
25th Jan 2013 17:40

Timescale & three message types...

Here's three examples, evening of 25 Jan...

Tax Return filed online 23 Jan - HMRC webpage acknowledges the return as being filed on 23 Jan

Tax Return filed online 24 Jan - HMRC says " You can file or amend your tax return using commercial software."  It neither acknowledges receipt of the return nor says that the return needs to be filed by 31 Jan.

Tax Return not yet filed - HMRC webpage says " HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) sent you a notice to complete a tax return on 06 Apr 2012 but have not yet received it."

If a client is anxious to settle their tax liability immediately then search HMRC website for "SA361" for the online payslip - fill it in on screen, save it as a .pdf and eMail it to the client - such a payslip can only be used to pay by post, so is not as easy as BillPay or other online / electronic methods.


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