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How long for client to appear on GG


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We have recently had to add a few clients onto our Government Gateway for paye as despite us dealing with their payroll they weren't showing as our clients.

Authorisation codes have been entered for a handful of these now but they are still not showing on GG list as a client - the oldest one is a week.  Which in turn means we still cant apply for the CJRS support.

Is this normal timing at the moment as it seems very excessive?

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By SXGuy
27th Apr 2020 09:59

It takes a couple days from entering the code. The reason you may not be seing it, is because they haven't been assigned to any team member yet.

Login, go to "Your Account" then "Manage Team Access", Click the Clients link, you will see a drop down called "Assigned to" select "Nobody", and filter, you will see they are listed. Click the "Manage Team Members" link and assign yourself to them.

Then wait anywhere from a few hours to 24 hours for them to show up in your PAYE section.

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Replying to SXGuy:
27th Apr 2020 10:42

Thanks, that's worked a treat.
I thought there was something like this we needed to do, but couldn't for the life of me find what I needed.

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Replying to SJRUK:
By SXGuy
27th Apr 2020 10:48

I know its, very annoying when it happens, I noticed this happens more often than not now, so I always check every time when someone is missing.

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