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How long for hmrc to process vat refund

How long for hmrc to process a businesses first vat refund and will a visit be required

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How long for hmrc to process a businesses first vat refund will a visit be required.

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By Tax Dragon
02nd Sep 2021 05:19

It's generally quicker for those who appoint a reputable accountant. I'm thinking it's time you did.

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Replying to Tax Dragon:
By the_drookit_dug
02nd Sep 2021 09:02

Deleted, answered wrong question

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By claudialowe
02nd Sep 2021 08:11

The last one that I submitted, HMRC wanted a list of any items with VAT over £100. The whole process from submission to refund took about 6 weeks.

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By rmillaree
02nd Sep 2021 08:56

HMRC aim to issue refunds within 30 days presuming you do not cause any delays at your end if they ask for info.
It's highly unlikley visit will be needed but hmrc may need documentation ref input vat and perhaps have questions if there are any non standarrd rated sales - should be able to be sorted via phone or email if you are happy with sending info via email.
Just keep an eye out for any messages sent via gateway acount.

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