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How long to be non-resident to pay no tax on divs?

1. How long do I need to be out of UK to pay no tax on dividends from UK company? 2. French IFI

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1. I am researching emigrating to Portugal to take advantage of the weather, and the NHR (non habitual resident) tax regime.

A UK company I own has distributable accumulated profit in it. 

Portugal will charge zero tax on UK-sourced dividends.

But how long do I need to be non-resident in the UK to make sure I don't pay any UK tax on the dividends?

It look as if I have to be away 4 years but I'm not certain so your confirmation is much appreciated. 

2. Separately, if I go to France, I would like to avoid IFI (wealth tax on property assets over EUR 1.3million. 

Does anyone know if property assets in a limited company also count towards this value, or just properties which are owned personally? 

Thank you. 


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11th Feb 2019 09:02

Lucky you!

But I'd suggest that protecting those sort of assets in a complex (international) scenaria will need professional advice and risk assessment (Br*xit etc) that would it good value to pay for...

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11th Feb 2019 09:20

Id just make it up based on stuff you read by randoms who may or may not know what they are talking about what with your cash pile in the company, million pounds in assets and property in the limited company, you must be really hard up and need a freebie.

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11th Feb 2019 10:34

It will be based on evidence eg will you maintain a property in the UK

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11th Feb 2019 10:55

To be safe it's at least 6 full tax years. See:

You need a local French adviser re French tax issues. Try:
[email protected]
Robert Anthony
Principal Partner
Anthony & Cie / Anthony Investments
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