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How long will it take to get a SA302 from HMRC

How long will it take to get a SA302 from HMRC

Mortgage company have insisted on receiving form SA302 for last 3 years.  No amount of reasoning will change the mind of the box tickers dealing with application.  We have supplied copies of the full returns, calculations from accountant (top 50 firm) and letter from them with summary!

Has anyone requested one recently & how long do they usually take?

Thanks for your help.


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20th Jan 2010 18:37

you are correct

another case of incompetent idiots not understanding that there are easier better ways of provividing the same info, anyway HMRC wont necessarily provide so refer the penpushers to the bottom of this page



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20th Jan 2010 19:00

How much time do you have

By the time HMRC respond the house will probably have been declared a historic site

Perhaps a different bank/building society ?

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20th Jan 2010 21:27

changing times

Unfortunately it seems the policy of some financial institutions nowadays to get the applicant to sign an authorisation so that a copy of tax calculation can be obtained from HMRC.

Try telling Natalie or Wanda that the SA302 won't neccessarily give you disposable income???????

My IFA will always use an institution that is a bit more Applicant friendly. These days IFA's tend to let each other know which institution requires what documents so a "dossier" can be accessed.

What really amuses me is the Accountants' certificate that asks for Audited Accounts for a self-employed decorator.

When times are good it is these same institutions that offer 125% mortgages to all and sundry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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By Anonymous
21st Jan 2010 11:32

Same day by fax possibly

We have managed to obtain some for our clients by fax on the same day (depending on who picks up the phone on the other end!) or by post in about 3 days.

The person on the phone may insist that fax is not possible; if so I suggest that you hang up & call again and speak to somebody else who agrees that fax is possible!

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21st Jan 2010 12:24

Not long

I would be worried about how long it would take to get one but I've received them quickly. HMRC seem to realise these are urgent.

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By zxcvb
27th Jan 2010 13:18


Thanks for help & suggestions.


They arrived by post in 3 working days.


This suggests gross efficiency at HMRC!!

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27th Jan 2010 14:20

I know

It's a shock but SA302s seem to be the one thing HMRC are good at!

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03rd Apr 2012 12:07

Well done HMRC

I suggest asking for SA302 by telephone using the agent phone number. I have done this recently for three different clients and have received the SA302 within a few days.

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