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How many accountants have a rest day today?

How many accountants have a rest day today?

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Just wondering if many accountants decide to shut the door today after the month of madness. Ours is absolutely locked up and bolted until tomorrow!

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By Xcast
02nd Feb 2015 10:01

Lucky you

I've still got 4 VAT returns to file this week, plus various RTI submissions.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
02nd Feb 2015 10:13

No, I rest at the weekend. Today is Monday, business day.

Then again I haven't been open every weekend during Jan!

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By Old Greying Accountant
02nd Feb 2015 10:50

Loadsa ...

... VAT, still got some RTI's - rest is for when you're dead!

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By BroadheadAccountants
02nd Feb 2015 10:58

Accountant's holiday

What day is accountant's day?

I'd vote for such a day after a deadline!

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By sharonm1
02nd Feb 2015 11:03

Still busy

The trouble is that now all the things I put aside in January to concentrate on tax returns have started to become urgent themselves!

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Replying to SXGuy:
By petersaxton
03rd Feb 2015 20:36

Same with me

sharonm1 wrote:

The trouble is that now all the things I put aside in January to concentrate on tax returns have started to become urgent themselves!

Same with me but at least the deadline is not the same for everything.

I now remember why I had such a lot of work to do in the last couple of months - I am sorting out clients problems that seem small but take a long time.

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By mbee1
02nd Feb 2015 11:14

Lazy day

A much quieter day and, whilst not relaxing, there is no pressure and a sort of holiday feel in the office. Managing to catch up on stuff that has been put on the back burner for a couple of weeks.

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By KPEM online
03rd Feb 2015 08:38

No such thing
Not in the firm I worked in before I started my own practice. Boss insisted everyone keep working at that crazy rate for another month or two, keep the fire burning, keep up the push on clients. He would come in at 9 am for about a week then slip into his usual habit of appearing at 10.30 or 11 with staff queuing up to see him about client assignments.

We would then find ourselves the following January completing and filing 70% of all the firm's SA cases. Never changed. Mainly due to other work for rest of the year being given priority and lots of procrastination.

Thankfully that's behind me now. Only 3 tax returns finished in January. All the rest done by end of November. Up to us to educate our client's, teach them our expectations and make it happen. Or, as was the case with 2 of my cases, do the work in February and let them incur the £100 penalty which doesn't really bother them anyway!

I spent Friday 30 January in meetings about practice growth, new IT and systems, marketing plans.......

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03rd Feb 2015 10:25

Busy with audits now

A few of my tax dept staff are off today

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By raybackler
03rd Feb 2015 10:33

Golf Trolley

Got my electric golf trolley repaired yesterday.  It went wrong mid January and I haven't had time.  Lots of huffing and puffing around the course for two weeks!

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By pauljohnston
03rd Feb 2015 11:18

Next day off

I believe that is Good Friday for some.

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By coolmanwithbeard
03rd Feb 2015 12:06

Working hard BUT

Flying far away tomorrow....

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03rd Feb 2015 12:15

February is quieter, but there is always something worth doing.. I never shut the 'office' (i.e. a room in my home).

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By richard leighton
03rd Feb 2015 16:37

Day Off Not Likely !!

No day off, but a day for doing fee invoices !

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By JimH
03rd Feb 2015 17:56

Prospectives fortnight?

Lots of meetings with new prospects:

new businesses/companies setting up or making changes over the new yearindividuals who've decided that was the last tax return they'll file themselves

Wonder if the new year resolution fever translates to good quality clients, or if it's 'getting a puppy' for Christmas syndrome. 

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Man of Kent
By Kent accountant
03rd Feb 2015 19:39

No way

Plenty to get on with.

So January was busy, well just keep going to avoid a backlog building up.

Weekends are for rest (ish).

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