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How many companies use Sage Line 50

How many companies use Sage Line 50

Does anyone know how many Line 50 users there are in the UK and Republic of Ireland?

I believe the figure is over 100,000, but I can't be sure.

I would also be interetsed in how many have used it since inception, but this is propbably asking too much?


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01st Jun 2011 23:18

Educated guess...

I'd bet somewhere between 150,000 - 170,000.

Around about the same again on Sage Instant. RoI probably adds another 10-15k to that.

Not based on any recent factual information, but probably not a million miles off.

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02nd Jun 2011 10:23

Number of users

I'd say that Gary's figures are there or there abouts although Instant does outsell Sage 50 so there are likely to be more Instant users than Sage 50...


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By Vidpark
02nd Jun 2011 12:11

Number of Sage 50 and Instant Accounting users

Suspect that not even Sage know the answer to that question (but they would love to know).

They will know how many people have maintenance contracts but can only ever guess at the people who buy then don't register or simply have a pirate copy.

So pick a number between 150k and 250k.



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