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How Many Days in October?

Get the Faint Feeling that BoJo Doesn't Know? Cause for Concern?

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Is it just me or does BoJo hesitate when about to mention the last day in October. Almost as if he doesn't know when the last day occurs.

He does seem a rather learned man in the context of classic literature, but do you think he had a sick day off school the day they learned the ancient rhyme:

Thirty days hath September,
April, June, and November;
All the rest have thirty-one,
Excepting February alone,
And that has twenty-eight days clear
And twenty-nine in each leap year

Or is he just plain dumb and hasn't a clue.

Don't want to get political. Just an observation.

"Can't know everything!" (As admitted by Britain's greatest tax genius).

Maybe he'll do a hard Brexit on 30th? Just a thought.

Nothing to do with accounts or tax.

Might be suitable as an HMRC call centre operative?


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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
18th Jul 2019 08:12

penelope pitstop wrote:

Is it just me or does BoJo hesitate when about to mention the last day in October.


Most likely because he knows what a ball ache it’ll be and wishes we could all just go to sleep on 30/10 and wake up on 1/11 with it all having been a bad dream.

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By lionofludesch
18th Jul 2019 09:01

More likely he's realised it's Hallowe'en.

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By SXGuy
18th Jul 2019 10:31

Bit weird considering everyone but my nan has been saying leaving the EU deadline is October 31st. which is abit of a give away that Boris knows theres 31 days....

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By Glenn Martin
18th Jul 2019 11:52

I think it is a worry.

For me there is very little substance or detail in anything he says, he just waffles.

I think he will get the same message TM got when she went to Europe.

His maths is also is also the same as TM's there will be enough people who don't want his deal or no deal to stop it happening.

I cannot see that we will get away without having a general election.

If we do god help us, as we could have some Tory/Farage alliance to form a government.

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Replying to Glennzy:
Hallerud at Easter
18th Jul 2019 12:20

Or the Comrades

The working class can kiss my ***
I've got the boss's job at last"

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Replying to DJKL:
By Red Leader
19th Jul 2019 12:31

"Two legs good, four legs bad."

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By dmmarler
19th Jul 2019 10:31

Before complaining about the fitness of the incumbents at Westminster generally, we should really improve the quality of schooling for everyone - which means more pay for teachers (and better quality teaching and schools). We might get a better range of people involved in politics. Children should also be taught about parenting so they understand more about how other children and people behave.

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Replying to dmmarler:
Hallerud at Easter
20th Jul 2019 13:51

I used to tell my kids that the problem with being a parent was not getting their user manuals before we left the hospital.

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Replying to DJKL:
By lionofludesch
20th Jul 2019 14:17

What changed to render that unnecessary ?

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Replying to lionofludesch:
Hallerud at Easter
20th Jul 2019 15:39

It might still probably be desirable to have a user manual, but they are no longer kids re any endeavours of ours to control what they do or say. (one mid 20s the other fast approaching 30, in fact next month is my last payment date re support for the younger one as she ought to finish her master's dissertation next month and thankfully no signs that she wants to carry on to a Phd-she may even seek meaningful gainful employment, as long as it is not accountancy I will be happy)

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Replying to DJKL:
By Paul Barclay
30th Jul 2019 17:06

I am jealous.

I am saving hard, my daughter is 4, so a bit of time yet. But if anyone can tell me how much further education is going to cost in 14 years it would be greatly appreciated.

I might have to start a crowd funding page now, and that could work if I knew how to set one up!

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Replying to Paul Barclay:
Hallerud at Easter
30th Jul 2019 18:05

Move to Scotland and at least get the undergraduate fees paid. (Though pay higher income tax)

I think for my two their total undergraduate borrowings are about £28k (£10+18) and we also paid re supporting them re their rents etc up in St Andrews , another circa £52k over the overlapping six years. (Of course money was no problem for Boris whose daughter was there at the same time as mine.)

My daughter has I think incurred another circa £9k loans re her post grad and I am down another £4k supporting her for it(at least she is studying for this in Edinburgh so lives at home)

Depending on the town I would, in today's terms ,budget for circa £5,000 rent per year and £5,000 living costs per year per child, so spend about say £10, 0000 per year plus fees, in our case that equated to eight student years (Scottish undergrad degrees 4 years) @ £10,000 being £80,000 of which circa £28,000 came from student loans (these days it would be nearer £36,000) and balance from us, the parents.

The downside with the PG is daughter is now at the circa £27k student loan mark whereas her brother only had £10k but we paid out more to support him than her, so the moral pressure now comes down on me to clear circa £17k of her loans to make them both equal- this is child logic akin to who got what spent on their Christmas presents but seems to cast parents as an ever open wallet to infinity and beyond.

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