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How many late SA tax returns were done by 23/4?

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Does anyone know from HMRC how many late returns were submitted during the amnesty period to 23 April?  Or was anyone asked to prepare any, out of interest? I was not. Thanks all.

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By lionofludesch
28th Apr 2020 09:52

I've not seen any figures.

Personally, I had no-one who would've benefited from this anyway.

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By Cheshire
28th Apr 2020 10:43

I wouldn't have been breaking my neck to sort out such folk.

Be interested to know what the tax take should have been on these and what HMRC are going to do about it. Same with the £ due on the rates that were never registered for.

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By SXGuy
28th Apr 2020 10:53

I wrote to 5 I know who were no shows last year. Out of that, one called and got theirs done. The rest I'm assuming have either gone in to hiding or have a new accountant.

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By jonharris999
28th Apr 2020 11:20

Thanks for replies above.
I asked this question of HMRC on Twitter this morning and they kindly replied:
"This statistic has not been released yet".

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By Duggimon
28th Apr 2020 11:34

I got a couple of late ones sent through in the week ending the 17th, that's me just doing them now.

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