Richard Willis
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How many people never get beyond 'Any Answers'?

How many people never get beyond 'Any Answers'?

I rarely, if ever, look at anything else: Am I alone? Please let us all know.

If I am not unusual I wonder just how much of the other content is effectively wasted!

Richard Willis


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By Moltke
10th Jul 2009 10:49

Me too
but that is down to the new layout.

They should just copy the American AccountingWeb.COM layout, just like our old layout.

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10th Jul 2009 11:09

Not wasted
there is something for everyone, well, almost, if you have time to read it all.

You might like my SME tax news summary for a change, I trawl the web and pick out what I like:

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10th Jul 2009 11:32

No, just this part.
I had a look around once but most of it is not of interest. Sometimes I have read the feature article if it is particularly relevant. Mind you the site bods could answer that as they will have stats on visits.

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10th Jul 2009 12:15

Great AA question
I think it's great that you have posed this question - it is certainly of interest to us at AWEB. We suspected that AA was the most popular part of the site.

I'm going to seize this an opportunity to ask you all what you would deem 'relevant' for other content? It's great that some of you have said you use and enjoy the AA section, but what else would you like to see? What else do we do that you enjoy? What is it that you find you have to look elsewhere for?

Our ears are always open and we welcome any feedback; our continued committment to you as members means we are always looking for ways to improve things around here, so let us know what you want from us.

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10th Jul 2009 14:17

speaking as an accountant
The site has lots of content of interest, and I particularly value the community aspects - some "great minds" contribute comment throughout the site. I really enjoy the CEO blog - would be good to find an FD to replace the original FD blog, and I would I am sure enjoy a similar blog from the MRLO angle! From my perspective AA is no more than a bit of fun. Having worked in practice I can empathise with the excel and IT problems that are posted.

If the editors are looking for a challenge then how about developing its networking potential.


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10th Jul 2009 14:45

Had another look ....
but I'm afraid that my interest just doesn't extend in to many of the areas covered although I am sure they will interest some people! As a sole practioner with an established business my requirements are quite insiginificant. I like AA as it serves to alert me to issues and interpretations that I might have missed through the more normal CPD. It is also something of a substitute for not working in an office where ideas, argumnets and the odd laugh our traded. This is the main problem (for me) with the new forum as you can't yet see who is making the comments -- kind of ruins the social part!

Of the other content:
Blogs - absolutely no idea what they are for.
Practice - Just me - pretty easy to manage!
IT - I have a computer and internet access already.
Tax - OK, but to be honest my CPD equips me in this regard.
Financial reporting - See above

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10th Jul 2009 15:06

Response to Alastair
There isn't an MLRO's blog but there is the Discussion Group on 'Money laundering and crime' on this website.

If you want more, I issue a free monthly email newsletter from my website which tries to inform and entertain with topical items relating to money laundering, crime and proceeds of crime. You can sign up for it on the website.

David Winch

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10th Jul 2009 18:11

Just 'Any Answers' for me
Any Answers does provide a valuable resource for the accountant in general practice & for that I'm grateful. The newswires occasionally have an interesting link too.

But the rest of the site (especially 'Time Out') is not for me. I don't want to spend my life on here!

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By pawncob
12th Jul 2009 18:25

It's Sunday 18:24
I'm bored so I'm looking at "Answers". Don't bother with any of the other stuff, though I do occasionally look at items in the update email. (Very occasionally)

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By Anonymous
12th Jul 2009 22:47

Press Releases
The problem is that anything outside of Any Answers is usually just marketing material. There's no point publishing yet another article by Steve Pipe encouraging us to give him money, or giving a teaser and then making us download a "white paper" (i.e. advert). There is no (or minimal) editorial content that isn't just a sales piece. If you provide valuable content perhaps people might be interested in the rest of the site.

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12th Jul 2009 22:50

Should I restrict myself to Any Answers?
If there is stuff on this site that should be of interest to me but which I might not not look at were it not thrust "in yer face", what is the most appropriate policy for AWeb editors?

I submit that there is at least an argument that the most appropriate policy is to leave Any Answers as a relatively minor link (that is to say without especial emphasis) on the grounds that it requires no advertisement, and to thrust into the foreground those articles which I really should be reading but might not voluntarily focus on without the prompting of editorial judgement.

I am fairly sure that there are some articles outside of the Any Answers section that I have read and that were of relevance to my work, which I may well have overlooked were it not for the fact that they were highlighted on the home page. By contrast, I habitually browse the Any Answers section without particular prompting, and do not require any particular reminder to do so.

With kind regards

Clint Westwood

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