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How many returns left to do?

How many returns left to do?

I had 106 to do and am now down to 7.

2 are for me and the missus.

4 are dead easy employee income only.

1 Is for a client I have left loads of messages for, but not heard back from.

Looking forward to the weekend off I think!

How about you?
Paul R


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By Anonymous
29th Jan 2009 09:48

Martin is a good guy
I have known Martin for many years, and I really admire him. He is very enterprising, and helpful to his colleagues in the profession. He has some very sensible views on politics and the economy, which he sometimes expresses on Radio 2 phone-ins.

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29th Jan 2009 08:56

Martin’s Response
Thanks to:
Paul – for sticking up for me. I AM capable of fighting my own battles. I have taken on the TaxMan several times – on behalf of my clients. Twice at the VAT Tribunal, and successfully and several Commissioners’ meetings. For those who chose to represent their clients, this is, regrettably, sometimes a must.

Ned Ludd – Thanks for your support – and positive remarks - appreciated. I’ll fax you a “white fiver”.

Jo – Floppy Disks – I take your point.
However, in a previous reply on Accounting Web (under my other Nom de Plume of The “Good English” Professor), I was praised for my Website as a “breath of fresh air”.
If my Helpful Guides were published in 1999, it shows foresight that they don’t seem to need much updating – or have you any positive observations?

Hospital Radio (Jo, Andy Partridge, Dave Paveley, David)
It’s not the only radio work that I have done. I have broadcast on Talk Radio (before it was Talk Sport), Talk Sport, LBC - giving Tax Advice to the listeners. I also helped man a telephone tax advice line. Other spots were on the BBC Radio 4’s Feedback as a reader a couple of times, as well as popping up on Radio 2 and BBC Radio London on other matters.

Modestly, I would refer you all to ancient Greek’s “Ring of Gyges”, where the closing oratation was “if you had your lives to live again, would you choose the same predictable life, or would you take chances?” I think that “life is to be ENJOYED – not ENDURED”.

I enjoy giving joy to others – whether it be by post, radio or any other media. If you are happy, why not join me.

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By Anonymous
28th Jan 2009 17:16

I would like to stick up for martin.

Martin is a very special guy and I think you have all been horrid to him.

Don't forget, he stood in the 1997 General Election, at Chelmsford West.

Then to prove it was not a fluke, he stood again in Redbridge. He got 3% of the vote, so I think that proves his credentials and popularity.

I for one think to be a contestant on a Radio 2 quiz is awesome. It definitely should be included on a CV as radio broadcasting. No question.

So please leave Martin alone. He is a top bloke and we should all vote for him next election. He is not deluded at all and I for one, don't believe that he lives in his own little world at all.

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28th Jan 2009 14:23

All done that I can do
and two clients AWOL abroad but without reasonable excuse! Now for some marketing!

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By Anonymous
28th Jan 2009 11:38

Done and off to the pub
Well done of a fashion. Two wont get done and clients are happy to pay £100 penalty. Five out with clients and I have chased them for last time if they come in they come in if not then the client can pay £100.

I am off to pub now and will have to start tomorrow on everything I have put back to February so looks like a busy February too.

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28th Jan 2009 10:47

hey come on!!

the guy only responded to a question.

if thats how he operates his business then good for him.

if he is in fact doing hospital radio then ive more respect for him than if he was doing normal broadcasting!

as for his website - i imagine theres many people who post on here who havent even got one (me included as it happens)!

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28th Jan 2009 10:31

I don't think Martin takes criticism in any form. He doesn't need to because he knows better than you.

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By Anonymous
27th Jan 2009 23:17


Wow. Can't have many clients then.

Radio broadcaster?


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27th Jan 2009 16:57

I particularly like..

..the way you list Radio quiz phone-ins as 'broadcasting experience'.

I'd love to see your CV!!

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27th Jan 2009 14:48

And . . .
as a patient.

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27th Jan 2009 12:18

Late Tax Returns
Sorry to be smug, but mine were filed BEFORE 31 July 2008. That way, all clients knew what the true 2nd Payment on Account actually was.

The secret:
1. Give all clients a free ABC Accounts Book - available from: - (the cost is a mere £8)
2. Encourage them to get their records in as soon as possible after the Accounting Date. After all Financial Accounts are to be prepared:
a) for the clients as they should know how their business is performing,
b) for financial assistance (remember those days?)
c) Finally - for HM Revenue & Customs.
3. Classify the clients into "A" "B" and "C"
a) Look after the "A" class - they are good, keep good records, and pay
b) Tolerate the "B"s - they might be slow, but with a little perseverance, they could become "A"s
c) Kick out the "C"s - they are time-wasters - and often don't pay.

I did just that - and the amount of free time released has enabled me to do so many other things: including Radio Work. Catch me on
on a Monday night at 8pm (Martin's Mighty Music Mix)
- I'll keep you company (and amused) when you're still doing those late Tax returns.

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By Anonymous
26th Jan 2009 15:30

File at the airport?
7 to go, but 3 wont happen.

Fly out on hols on Saturday morning for a well earned break.

So, given that its HM Revenue AND Customs.....

Assuming that all liabilities are paid up. As I wander through Manchester Airport, could I hand in the last few returns at the customs desk on my way out and demand a receipt?

Would it count as a valid filing?

Would my clients escape the fine?

No intention of doing it in practice, but does the theory stack up?

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By Anonymous
24th Jan 2009 01:15


Well done y'all.

Keep going.

Roll on February 1st. (or 3rd...... haha!)

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23rd Jan 2009 18:11

We have around 100 left to do and some of our mates who are also sefl employed are looking to farm more out to us!!!

Looks like another 40 hous shift at the month end (and no.. im not joking!! done it every year since self assessment came in... quite looking forward to it.... good buzz when you've done and you're hallucinating whilst driving to sheffield tax office at 5am on the 2nd of Feb!!!)

shame the online filing regime has ended the last minute drop off ritual!


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By vmahyde
23rd Jan 2009 17:30

I have 12 out of 49 left to do!
4 will take under 2 hours each
1 will not be done for 31 Jan (but has had tax paid tax via CIS)

6 out for signature and payment - yes cash flow is just wonderful! One tax return I finished in Aug 08 but client has not paid me yet, so I refuse to file the tax return - guess it will be late.

Last one is a trust and will take all day to complete :( thank goodness for Digita Trust software; saved my life and I have a wonderful account manager at Digita who upgrades my software online (and he sounds lush!!)

Roll on end of January and I get my weekends back.........!!

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22nd Jan 2009 20:12

Just picked up last set of books
And it's a biggie. Very difficult to get work done this January as my software company's helpline (me and one other answering it) is ringing constantly!! We sell partnership returns to taxpayers - business is booming, but you have no idea how many can't even download a file off the internet.....

Have resorted to getting up at 4 to get something done without the phone ringing.

Next year will be different. I mean it this time.....

Sunday 25th - down to 8 - which is really 4 clients as two are H&W partnerships.

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23rd Jan 2009 14:34

Self assessment has been the least of my worries, it been the HMRC on-line help desk. Not very helpful. But i have another problem and Rebecca mentioned an area i just cannot seem to find the answer too, and am in process of looking for software.

LLP Balance Sheet Layout under new LLP SORP. I can file my partnership return no problem, and i do have the correct layout, but still baffled as to where i log the following on the new layout:

Current accounts both debit balances - very small amount after adding share of losses into accounts. However i lent money to business which I have not yet been repaid. This was a credit to my current account, wich got reduced by the share of losses. Not that this is my issue - I look at the Sorp and it appears that in debtors we put "Money owed from members" thats our current account DR bal, then it is the bottom part thats the problem. The Net assets and Financed should equal, obviously - but to get this to agree I need to include in the loan monies i have not yet been repaid, even though the overall current account is now in dr. The Members interest at base of statement is capital and again the current account DR balances.

Sorry if I am confusing you, but this is niggling me, and there is no advice on web, and my local accountant friends cant help either - so I dont know how they file at Co House without knowing what to do.

Can anyone help with my dillemma - and why do I need to know? becuase if you dont inc my unpaid loan, Balance sheet wont Balance, so i have a problem somewhere with my figures.

Help gratefully received. And I need to get this to Co House by end Jan :(

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23rd Jan 2009 14:32

FAO Dick Turpin
Just to let you know - the 14 day concession comes to an end as of 1 October 2009 - so use it whilst you can!

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By Anonymous
23rd Jan 2009 12:56

What deadline?
I have over 10 that will not get done by 31 January half will have no tax to pay and the others are not bothered by a £100 penalty.

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By Anonymous
22nd Jan 2009 16:13

Too Many
I have 16 to go, of which 4 won't be done, 7 are in progress but 2 to add so the real total is 14.

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22nd Jan 2009 14:59


I still have 18 to go.

(Note to self: Stop wasting time on Aweb!)

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By Anonymous
22nd Jan 2009 11:49

Extension for ltd cos
If you file your ltd co accounts without a signature to Companies House they will return to you with a letter stating this and give approx 14 days to file a signed copy in its place. If you file again in this time there is no penalty.

This can help when accounts are pushed and they don't notice if the accounts have been adjusted.

It's not good but if the client is late themselves you can offer this to be done.

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By Anonymous
22nd Jan 2009 10:49

2 left
which i am going to the clients to do today, then all done.

spare a thought though, spoke to a former collegue on Tuesday, who his team of six still had over 300 to do, 48 of which they hadnt even collected the books for.

god i dont miss those 12 hour plus day Januarys!

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By Anonymous
22nd Jan 2009 10:28

3 to go
Only three to go.

One where I need some info from tax office but they won't speak to me because my agent reg hasn't filtered through the system to them yet.
One for a new client who only came to me this week.
One from a client who hasn't finished getting his books together yet. He won't let me do them as it costs too much, but it's taken him about 20 months since his year end to nearly finish them.

I'm also more stressed about the Ltd Co accounts I'm trying to finish (or at least waiting for info on so I can finish them). They will be 6 months late at the beginning of Feb, so by my understanding the clients fine will go from £250 to £1500 if they're not in by 31st Jan.

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By Anonymous
22nd Jan 2009 10:11

5 left to do, but none complicated. More stressed about Ltd company accounts due by 31st Jan, which I got very late as new client.

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22nd Jan 2009 10:07

5 for me too!
3 will go today and two waiting for info. January has got a whole lot better since on-line filing came in ... I think I used to lose a day keep going to the post office!

I agree about the cashflow ... most clients that do leave their return this late are at least contrite and pay by return!

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By Anonymous
22nd Jan 2009 07:20

Why don't you prepare your own return -and your wife's - at a quiet time of the year instead of leaving them to the last minute?

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