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How much does a Xero subscription cost

How much does a Xero subscription cost a Xero Partner

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We have recently taken on a client who previously had Xero bookkeeping as part of his annual accounts fee. We don't currently have any other clients using Xero. For the 'business edition' incl VAT and ledgers the standard cost is £24+vat. I am happy to register as a Xero Partner and pay/recharge the subscription but I'm unable to talk to anyone in Xero to find out the price and the website takes me back to the standard charges page. (non-Accountant) 

I believe that there is a taper so the cost reduces the more clients I have subscribing

Can anyone let me know how much a 1 client subscription would cost and where the tipping point would be in order to get discount for multi-clients



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By Mr_awol
12th Aug 2021 12:52

If you buy a block of 50 licences you'll probably get a hefty discount - so long as your clients have only read-only access that is. I wont share the costs as I'm aware of other firms paying more (and one i suspect is paying less).

If you just buy one, on their bureau plan, you'll pay a lot more - probably about £10/month (again, read only for clients).

Buy you wont be able to do any of this through the website - you'll need an account manager.

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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
12th Aug 2021 13:30

If you become a bronze (basic) partner I think you get 10% discount, but I’m not sure what the minimum number is. As you move up through silver & gold it’s an extra 5% each time. Once your a partner you get access to some options that give limited features for a significant reduction in price.

Apply to be a partner, get issued an account manager and they’ll be able to talk you through it.

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Replying to michaelbeaver:
By Mr_awol
12th Aug 2021 16:05

No it's not. There's nothing about Bureau pricing there. Nor is there anything about the lead-in discounts which can be achieved (x% off for x months, etc).

As previously stated the OP needs to speak to an account manager if they want to know their real options.

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By Moonbeam
13th Aug 2021 12:49

No matter what level of Xero status you reach, you must pay for at least one person's sub before you get access to the discounted subs.
I've been paying for years for Mr Blogg's sub because of that and just including it in his fee, in case I ever had enough xero clients to feel safe about giving them a discount.
But I don't feel safe at all. This year, I've cleared out the augean stable and only just qualify to give anyone a discount.
When your numbers dip below the discount level discounted fee people will still want the same level of discount.
So I say to everyone else. Sorry - you'll have to take over the subscription.

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By Anita14
15th Aug 2021 21:32

I only have 2 clients on Xero and was able to sign up as a partner but I pay RRP for those subscriptions. That works for me as I then get Xero to use free for my own accounts but if you didn't want to do that I can't see the point of signing up as a partner; just get the clients to subscribe and invite you as Adviser. From memory, you have to have around 5 or 6 clients on Xero to start getting discounts, although it may be less if they pay for additional modules.

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