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Client bookkeeping on Xero

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Prospect has lots of tiddly little receipts for entertainment/travel - about 50 a month. Wants me to input them to Xero. I'm tempted to ask him to post me the receipts and I'll sort them in date order and claim back VAT according to matching receipt.
I think it will take longer to photograph each one and upload and then allocate to a payment via the bank rec. (He would want me to do the photography if required)
What is your advice on this?

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
31st Oct 2018 17:50

If they are not via the business bank account, I would just do an expense claim in excel on the desktop, and attach that to Xero in one transaction.

If its via the business bank account then I don't see a lot of value in scanning them in myself and tend to agree it would be neater to just keep it on paper, one plastic wallet a month in vague date order front to back. Old ways can be much quicker unless there is a desperate need for digital.

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Replying to ireallyshouldknowthisbut:
By lionofludesch
07th Nov 2018 16:17

ireallyshouldknowthisbut wrote:

If they are not via the business bank account, I would just do an expense claim in excel on the desktop, and attach that to Xero in one transaction.


One transaction ?

MTD will end all that nonsense.

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By Moonbeam
31st Oct 2018 19:52

Thank you Ireally should know. I am (too) old and still consider Xero to be quite slow on the uptake, whilst I personally am trying to be a bit whizzier and save some time. I think manual is best. Frankly this is how I would have dealt with things on Sage. I think the uploading is overrated for this stuff.

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By richardterhorst
06th Nov 2018 09:37

In QB or AutoEntry take a picture, upload and it reads them and then all you need to do is give nominal code.

Xero should have the same.

Get the client to take the picture as he purchases.

Works for my clients. Just checking allocation for me. simple.

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By Tim Robinson
06th Nov 2018 10:48

Receipt Bank??

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Replying to Tim Robinson:
By sussieads
06th Nov 2018 12:55

If using Receipt bank make sure its set up correctly - we have one client using this and every VAT is wrong and generally every nominal code is wrong.

Even when its uploaded correctly you still have to match the entry to the bank - one transaction for each receipt.

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By Charlie Carne
06th Nov 2018 11:58

If the client is using Xero, then it seems crazy to me to want to do the bookkeeping for part of the work outside that system unless it will take you longer or cost more to process the receipts via Xero than manually. If you use AutoEntry, it will cost you £9 pm to process 50 receipts (even cheaper if you use AE or Receipt Bank for multiple clients, as the price drops for larger quantities of scans pm). Once those 50 receipts are in AE or RB, you can probably complete the coding for them all in under 15 minutes, especially once you reach the 3rd or 4th month, as most of the supplier names will have been seen before and can be automatically posted.

You say that you want to "save some time" and you "think the uploading is overrated". It's not the uploading that is key here. OCR technology in AE and RB will do 90% to 100% of the coding for you, saving you time. You can either take that result out as a fully completed spreadsheet or instantly upload it into Xero (or QBO etc.). If the client wants to use Xero and you don't, then your question is not about how to process receipts but whether to keep the books in Xero or Sage. In either case, I would use technology to code the receipts, no matter what you choose to do with the output of that coding report.

As for scanning, if there is a huge backlog, get someone to scan them in for you in bulk to bring them up to date (RB will do this for you but I'm not sure if AE offer that service). On a monthly basis, the client can snap each receipt on his smartphone (iPhone or Android) as it arises and your work is only 15 mins (or less) per month. If the client has no smartphone, then either buy a cheap auto-feed scanner or bite the bullet and buy yourself a smartphone (a second-hand one is very cheap and will work just fine). You don't even need to use the smartphone as your mobile phone, so there is no need for a monthly contract if you ignore the SIM card and only connect it via WiFi.

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By Moonbeam
06th Nov 2018 12:09

Thanks Charlie. Client doesn't want to do anything at all, so I'd be doing any scanning. I'd always assumed that you couldn't scan very small receipts on their own successfully. If you can, then this is clearly the way to go with Autoentry. I can't see I'd save any time by just uploading photos to Xero because they'd still need to be coded. I don't have a scanner at present but am happy to buy one.

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By Tomazaan
07th Nov 2018 14:31

As an aside, I purchased a Canon DR-C130 desktop scanner over four years ago and it has been brilliant. It can scan fiddly things like till receipts without a problem. The modern version is something like the Canon DR- 230 and that costs less than what I paid for mine. It did take me a while to get used to scanning things as I went alone and the scanner programme took a bit of getting used to but it is such a time saver. I can't imagine life without it now.

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By Moonbeam
07th Nov 2018 16:09

Tomazaan - you appear to have just save me hours of time trying to work out which scanner is best for me. Thank you!

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