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How much VAT can I reclaim on business mileage?

I'm struggling to work out how much VAT can be reclaimed on business mileage as a sole trader.

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I'm trying to work out how much VAT I can reclaim on my business mileage, as a sole trader using my personal car.

My first issue is that the HMRC advisory fuel rates ( ) state 'These rates only apply to employees using a company car'. Is there HMRC guidance on the VAT reclaimable for sole traders?

My second issue is that I have exceeded 10,000 business miles this year, so I claim 25p per mile instead of 45p. I assume that this will also affect the VAT that can be reclaimed.

I have a 1200CC Petrol car.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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By Truthsayer
14th Feb 2020 10:13

Why struggle with this? Your accountant will find it easy.

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