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How Postponed VAT and Cash Accounting works in QB

How to accounts for imports and PVA in QuickBooks when cash accounting

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I have a client that is cash accounting for VAT and is using Postponed VAT Accounting for imports.

I understand that imports must be accounted for under normal VAT Rules but how do I get QuickBooks to make the appropriate entries to include such transactions on an invoice basis. Therefore showing up on the correct VAT return and not when they are paid.



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Replying to Wanderer:
By lisa415
25th Nov 2021 09:26

Thank you for your reply Wanderer but I have applied the PVA vat codes but until the supplier invoice is paid it does not show up on the VAT return, but is on the HMRC PVA statement so must show in this VAT return or am I missing something?

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