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How small can a smallholding for rollover relief

selling a farm and wanting to buy a small holding, can Rollover relief shelter the gain

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I am fine on the principles of roll over of capital gains, and a client has rcently done so rolling it over into a farm, which HMRC tell me is fine as it is a qualifiing asset, however next client want to buy what can only be described as a small holding.  Couple of fields of crops, a dozen sheep, couple of pigs type size.  Makes a loss every year under the current owner and will never really make  profit, but is it still a farm and so a qualifing asset?


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02nd Apr 2019 10:40

It sounds like an addition to the existing farm. It sounds like the overall business is viable. It sounds like there isn't an issue.

But I didn't fully understand the question. I may have heard wrong.

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to Tax Dragon
02nd Apr 2019 10:52

Tax Dragon-Not sure it is same client as Op says "next client". If said "client next" then it would be first client but "next client" suggests a different client.

To the OP-I would not try a rollover with a pig, it will win.

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02nd Apr 2019 10:58

Ahh! I'd heard a "the" between "next" and "client". Ok, so there could be a problem. I'd venture that, for ROR to be in point, there's something other than the pig adding to the value of this smallholding. OP, care to fill us in a bit more?

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