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How to correct a payroll error

Help correcting old year(18/19) Payroll error - HMRC Basic PAYE Tool

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I run the payroll for my business using the HMRC Basic PAYE tool. After completing the week 53 submission and closing the tax year (and activating the new tax year) I noticed an error in the gross salary paid to an employee.  The guidance on the HMRC website suggests I should correct this using another FPS with the same pay date, however I can see no way of doing this now that the tax year is closed (and in the new tax year it obviously won't let me select a pay date prior to the 5th April).

I would be grateful if anyone has any advice on how I should go about correcting this, or could point me in the direction of more detailed guidance which I may have missed. Thanks.


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By Matrix
11th Apr 2019 18:21

Earlier year update.

I have never used it but you can do this on basic tools.

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to Matrix
11th Apr 2019 18:24

I've used Earlier Year update on HMRC basic tools, and it's OK. If you aren't sure about how to use it, call HMRC preferable at 8.00 am to avoid a queue and they'll talk you through it.

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11th Apr 2019 21:01

Dunno if you can use EYU's for 2018/19 and later.

The OP needs to stop using carp quality software. You get what you pay for. And, sadly, few of us will be able to offer advice as few of us would touch BPT with the proverbial bargepole.

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to lionofludesch
11th Apr 2019 23:38

I think that's a tad unfair, Lion. I use Moneysoft, which is far from cr*p, but you can't use it to do an EYU. (unless this has changed in the last year). The Basic tools will do the job, but take care because in some of the boxes, you need to include the differences between the originally filed figures and the correct ones

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to pauljgoodman
12th Apr 2019 06:13

Rules have changed this year. HMRC now allow an additional FPS and EYU isn't required.
Moneysoft have incorporated this:-

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