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how to correct rti

Basically, catastrophic failure broke the last periods rti submission

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Tax year 2016/17 - Catastrophic IT failure meant payroll was up the creek without a paddle.  Lack of initial knowledge meant things went awry at the year end. Somehow ended up with large credit figures on nic account.  Previous accountant was unable to resolve prior to leaving and its still outstanding with HMRC and in their disputed claims dept still open.  Guidance required on what company can do to push it on?  options are use PAYE tools to add month 12 rti again, not nice lots of employees.  May have previous backup on sage software, but is it going to make it worse if the other rti's are not there?

Anyone got any bright ideas?

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By Accountant A
18th Sep 2018 15:13


You are the third Anonymous post in a row.

Please contact Sift to claim your prize.

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By neiltonks
18th Sep 2018 16:45

Given that this is for a closed tax year, the only way to adjust the figures held by HMRC is to send an EYU for each affected employee - you can't resubmit an FPS for a closed year.

It's probably best to talk to the support people for whatever payroll software you use, to see what your options are. They'll almost certainly have come across similar situations before.

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