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How to correct spelling mistake in shareholder's name

How to correct spelling mistake in shareholder...

Apologies if this is assumed knowledge.

A Director/shareholder's surname was spelled incorrectly during incorporation process. The new incorporation documents have been issued already with the wrong spelled name.

How do we correct the spelling mistake? I know for directors there is a Form, but what about for the shareholder?



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14th Sep 2011 16:35

Correct it using webfiling from companies website

You need to file a AR01/Annual return to correct the shareholders name.  Unfortunately this comes with a cost of £14 if you do online or more if done via post/phone.  For correcting directors/secretary details, that can be corrected with no fee but need login details to log into your company details section at Companies website.

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By aadil
to alistair_king
14th Sep 2011 16:50

So wait for a year?

Thanks, so basically wait for a year before the shareholder gets corrected?

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14th Sep 2011 17:04

You can file even now......

You can file even now.... which means you pay £14 now and continue every year.  So you don't need to wait for a year with incorrect spelling with Companies House.  The client may have problems when banks/others use credit ratings etc.  A Client could not open a bank account in the past with the wrong name, so had to correct this before going further.....

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14th Sep 2011 17:30

Form CH01

I am sure you can do it online but surely you can just use form CH01

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14th Sep 2011 17:57

No adverse effects

If it were a director I would agree that there may be credit rating issues in the incorrect spelling but just for a shareholder I don't believe this would make a difference.

If you talk to Companies House they are very clear that shareholder issues are for information only and as long as matters regarding spelling, share allocations etc are corrected on the next annual return they are indifferent.

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14th Sep 2011 18:05

Oops read and responded quickly so didn't see it was shareholder not director!

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