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How to crosscheck CIS Return?

Suggestions for cross checking figures on CIS Return Please!

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Hi, I am using Quickbooks' CIS feature to prepare a company's CIS return. Previously we used a Spreadsheet and a dummy bank account in Quickbooks to record Supplier's CIS Deductions so we would always cross check the spreadsheet figure of CIS liability matched the CIS liability shown in Quickbooks. If an invoice had been incorrectly entered it could be easily spotted. Now we have just the 1 report in Quickbooks for the CIS return does anyone have any suggestions for how to cross check the info on the report against subbies invoices for that month? Just incase say something was entered incorrectly? Currently I keep all CIS suppliers invoices in a file until month end then check the figures on the return match the invoices held in my file for that month. I guess printing a report of suppliers paid in that month and checking it against the suppliers included on the CIS return? To make sure all submissions have been included in the return?

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By RaxJ
07th Oct 2020 08:57

You need to keep a spreadsheet going as an auditable file to check against the information. It's common sense really.

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Replying to RaxJ:
By Lmb17
07th Oct 2020 10:34

Thanks for replying. Surely all information entered into Quickbooks is auditable? Yes I can keep a spreadsheet as well was just wondering if anyone had any time consuming ways to avoid entering suppliers invoice details into Quickbooks and then again into a Spreadsheet..
As I'm already doing this for Cost Centre Spreadsheets as the Director is not confident at the moment on using the 'class' feature in Quickbooks to record information for cost centre purposes. So it means I'm entering all supplier invoices into Quickbooks then again onto Cost Centre Spreadsheets then again onto CIS Supplier Spreadsheets. The idea of Quickbooks is to not have to use Spreadsheets...

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