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How to deal with CIS suffered of a Ltd company

How to deal with CIS suffered of a Ltd company which has no PAYE ref no ( no employees)

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Company only has one director who is not an employee of the own company.

No other employees.

Company is registered for CIS - 20%

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By Matrix
21st Jun 2019 17:21

You will need to, or should have been, filing monthly EPS. You will need a payroll scheme to do this. Make it clear on the online application that the company will not be paying any employees. Although I don’t know why the Director would not take a salary.

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Replying to Matrix:
21st Jun 2019 17:32

Many thanks Matrix

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Jennifer Adams
By Jennifer Adams
24th Jun 2019 12:43

One point I would make is that after submitting the EPS dont forget to complete box 595 page 6 of the tax return.
Also keep an eye on whether HMRC correctly deducts the CIS paid from Co tax due. They never join both up and always get it wrong so you have to ring and get them to deduct one against the other

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Replying to Jennifer Adams:
By newbaraban
24th Jun 2019 15:26

Box 595 entry - used to be but not for the last 9 years....

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By newbaraban
24th Jun 2019 15:25

Limited companies

If you have gross payment status, declare all your income in your Corporation Tax return as usual.

If you pay CIS deductions, you must claim these back through your company’s monthly payroll scheme. Do not try to claim back through your Corporation Tax return - you may get a penalty if you do.

Send your monthly Full Payment Submission (FPS) as usual to HMRC.

Also send an Employer Payment Summary (EPS). Enter the total CIS deductions for the year to date.

HMRC will take your CIS deductions off what you owe in PAYE tax and National Insurance. Pay the balance by the usual date.

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