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How to deal with this?

Invetsment manager has sent KYC/Risk for to 89 year old client

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My 89 year old client is in reasonable nick - in mind and body - but has little understanding of or interest in financial matters.

She has an investment portfolio of c£500k with a well known bank who have sent her four pages on Investment Objectives and Risk Profile with a request for her to tick certain boxes if things remain as before or other boxes if they have changed.

They are also interested in her Time Horizon - <3 years, 3 - 5, 5 - 8, >8 years - again "just tick the box".

She has asked me what she should do about it.

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paddle steamer
11th Sep 2018 16:04

Tell her to be grateful they are not asking her to confirm she is still alive, as is their wont.

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By Montrose
11th Sep 2018 21:17

Are you legally qualified to advise her under Financial Services rules?

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