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How to enrol clients into MTD through the ASA

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Could anybody help with the ASA, please? We have registered for an ASA account and have linked this to our 'old' Government Gateway account. We don't see a list of clients on our ASA, as expected. However, where exactly on the ASA do we enrol clients into MTD? HMRC haven't been any help with this.


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22nd Feb 2019 08:36

Go here:

go to "sign up now" at the bottom, log in with your ASA then answer the two questions. It will tell you you have the wrong type of account, then click "sign up your client. You can register businesses for whom you are authorised using their VAT numbers. You have to register each one individually.

Even after doing this, you will not get a list of clients in your ASA, that's not how it works. The list will appear in your software.

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to Duggimon
22nd Feb 2019 09:28

Do they usually say "you have the wrong type of account". I had this and gave up at this point to try another day but if its normal I might carry on again some time later !

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22nd Feb 2019 09:31

While I got to the page via a set of links telling agents how to set up for MTD, at some point in the process I think it switches to the site where you sign your own business up.

Just a badly coded or poorly tested site, it does redirect you to the right place if you persevere though.

To add a disclaimer - I haven't registered anyone yet because it's still too early for me, so I don't know for sure it all works. I'll be testing it next month.

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By Tornado
to Duggimon
22nd Feb 2019 12:32

"I'll be testing it next month."

I will be testing in May at the earliest, but by then HMRC will have had no choice but to postpone the whole thing for a couple of years.

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to Tornado
22nd Feb 2019 16:05

I've got a client who wants to enrol early. I tried to talk them out of it and explained the position but they would rather press on so I'm looking on it as an opportunity to at least find out what happens when we try it.

Since no other step in the process so far has worked the way HMRC have said it will, I'm assuming there will be further issues to iron out.

I do agree there's still a chance at the whole thing collapsing and the mandatory MTD filing not happening, but I wouldn't want to bet on it.

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to Tornado
22nd Feb 2019 16:18

Tornado wrote:

HMRC will have had no choice but to postpone the whole thing for a couple of years.

Extremely wishful thinking surely!

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to JCresswellTax
23rd Feb 2019 10:00

Here's hoping!! lol

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to Duggimon
23rd Feb 2019 10:04

Thanks - I got my ASA about a week ago but gave up after tearing most of my hair out...!!

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