How to find more clients for crypto tax advisory

I prepare crypto taxes for investors, miners, and traders.Also I provide crypto accounting service

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I would like to find ways to find clients for crypto tax preparation and advisory.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
13th Feb 2023 09:08

My guess would be hanging about in cypto forums where all the pump and dump pushers live taking photos in front of houses they dont live in and cars they hired for the day.

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Red Leader
By Red Leader
13th Feb 2023 09:43

Your website shows that you are in the USA. This is a UK forum so you would be better off posting on the USA version.

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By williams lester accountants
13th Feb 2023 12:05

We prepare crypto tax returns, most of our clients for this service now come from referrals from existing clients. Once you have a few clients, if you do a good job, they will tell others......

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