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How to get a job after career break

Career Break help

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I am a 45 year old CA who decided to take a career break to look after my elderly parents who were both disabled. It ended up being ten years, which is more than i expected. I am now ready to resume work and have kept up to date with CPD requirements. Is there anyone who has been on a long career break who can offer advice about roles to aim for or do i start lower down the ladder, should i try practice or industry, etc? I dont have a practice licence so cant go self employed. I would be grateful for advice from anyone who has employed someone who had a career break or other employers thoughts too. Thanks in advance for all replies. 

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By Matrix
09th Aug 2018 22:44

I don't know where you are based but large companies have back to work programmes, a quick search shows me Deloitte are currently recruiting.

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By zarar
10th Aug 2018 14:31

What did you do before you took the career break? Practice or industry

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