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How to get entry level accountant job in UK

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hello everyone. I am an Acca affiliate and recently moved to UK from a small country in south east Asia. I moved to UK in a dependent visa and I have a full work permit, and also have a 1 yrs experience working in an audit firm back in my home country. But here in UK, I see employers are reluctant to employ people who has no UK work experience, although I am just looking for entry level job, most likely in a practice where I can learn as a trainee like any other fresh graduate in UK. 

Can you please suggest me, what would the best solution to my unemployment problem ? 


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By Accountant A
09th Mar 2019 12:00

This is a question asked regularly and, indeed, recently by someone coming to the UK from overseas. If you use the search function provided, you may find something useful.

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panda ketteringUK
By ketteringUK
09th Mar 2019 18:11

how about doing aat L3 /L4 so you get to know our standards and a proper vocational training?
Over the years, we have come across quite few ACCA qualified students without any idea of working in the practice.
Suggestion to apply for a trainee role in the practice (and accept £16K-£18K for a year or two), so you'll get an idea of working papers, reconciliations, dealing with clients and so on. Books don't teach that.

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Replying to ketteringUK:
By thestudyman
09th Mar 2019 20:10


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