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How to get Get a certificate of residence for LTD?

How to get a certificate of residence for tax purposes for LTD company? I was call to 0300 200 3410 and Agent say - application only by post and this is only that option? Is somwhere online form to send it? So what info I need to write on this letter?


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23rd Nov 2017 00:19

The question was answered yesterday if you read the replies.

If you are struggling with that, you really need to get an accountant.

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to Accountant A
23rd Nov 2017 09:30

This question has been posted because the original question didn't specify it was for a limited company and they can't find the edit button or indeed read the rest of the replies in the thread.

Despite writing the question twice they have still not managed to form it into a proper sentence.

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to Duggimon
23rd Nov 2017 09:36

So perhaps "He's not the Messiah, he's just a..."

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to Duggimon
23rd Nov 2017 09:39

Yes I know where is editing button but edit question don't have any sense because there is a lot of answers for individual certificate if You know how SEO works than You don't make questions anymore like now. That's why I decided to post new question with proper name. Pleas forgive me my bad English I'm not account expert. I just need help that's all.

Thanks everyone from advance.

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By MJShone
23rd Nov 2017 14:12

Yes - it was answered yesterday re companies - I included the link

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to MJShone
23rd Nov 2017 18:57

Yes I know that and I was see this link before I create here account. My question is what I should write on this letter? Just only my details?

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23rd Nov 2017 14:23

I get you rezidensie castificate. Send me much money, and I do it kwik.

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By pumnoo
23rd Nov 2017 20:39

[Our ref:]
------------------------------------- [Date]
CT Operatios S0483
PO Box 29997
G70 5AB

Dear sir/madam

[Company name]
Application for Certificate of Residence

I am writing to apply for certificate of residence in accordance with the guidance provided in HMRC manuals at INTM162020. I am providing the following information in support of my request.

[Tell your romeo Juliet story about why do you need COR]
1) Tell about ownership structure
2)Trading status of both entities
3) Tell about nature of transaction
4) reference it to DTA clause under which you are claiming relief and requesting for COR]

I believe that above information is sufficient to enable you to issue the CoR but if you require any further information, you can contact [Name] on [contact number].

Yours Faithfully,


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