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How to get more, bigger and better clients for self assessment?

How to get more, bigger and better clients for...

Hello all, 

Im nearly finished my AAT Level 2 Accounting, and have been working within a payroll company for the last 2 and a half years and managed to build up a little portfolio of clients for whom I just complete annual statutory accounts (rather simple sole trader tax return with self employed income and the odd pension and PAYE job) and just charge a rate according to the number of returns, normally say £50 each, with each additional employment at £25 and so on. Im struggling to find full time jobs to build on my current knowledge, which in regards to personal tax is self taught and quite extensive now, but not sure where to go from here moving forward and how to grow. I probably only make about an additional £5000/£6000, if even that, per year doing to books on the side, and wondered if anybody has advice on where I can go forward with all this?

Ive never really dealt in sales and all my clients exist purely through word of mouth, but I personally think I'll be able to get a steady income if I could get more clients, or get one contract which could last me over the year, but I dont think there's many out there. As HMRC has recently decided to make life for the working man even harder and introduced further penalties, I feel this could the motivation self employed people need to get somebody to do their books and I want to be the person to do it, but nor sure how to go about getting a bigger clientele or how to approach smaller agencies as there are so many Umbrella companies offering cash back and special insurances to the contractors for no additional charge, so should I stick to just trying to odd plumbers and builders via local marketing?

Thanks for your time =)

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