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How to get NI number to pay taxes Covid19 issue

How to get NI number to pay taxes during Covid19?

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Hi All,

How to get a new NI number to pay taxes during Covid19?

You can't visit Job Centre to get NI number because of Covid19 now.

My wife (EU citizen with permanent proof of residence never had NI number) wants to pay now tax and pension contributions and we want to claim married tax allowance, because I am a high tax payer and never used her allowance. My understaning is you can do that for certain ammount of time in the past - means the more we wait for her NI number we lose money.

HMRC has a phone that is supposed to help you get NI number and it is not working at all.

Is there any way we can use tax agent or a law firm to help us getting new NI number for my wife?



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By Sarah Z
22nd Nov 2020 15:14

What do you mean wants to pay now tax and pension?

No a tax agent or law firm won't be able to get one any quicker for her

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By Not Anonymous
22nd Nov 2020 15:43

And if by "high tax payer" you mean higher rate taxpayer then that would make you ineligible to receive Marriage Allowance anyway.

Unless you mean Married Couple's Allowance (but then one of you needs to be born in 1935 or earlier).

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By Paul Crowley
22nd Nov 2020 16:08

You cannot change the past
Get it right from NOW
Much more important, get an accountant
He will save you tax money in a legal way

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By lionofludesch
22nd Nov 2020 17:01

Yeah - higher rate taxpayer - you're blocked.

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