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HMRC new trust service access query

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I registered small trust for a client back in 2018 on the new online service and managed to claim it & update it successfully last year.  Trustee has now been asked for a Proof of registration document.  According to HMRC's online detail re maintaining a trust this should be available to download as a PDF.  When I go into my agent services account & try to find it, all I get is the option to update the trust.  I went through the various steps and said no changes and got a confirmation that the trust had been updated, but there appeared to be no way to get the proof document.  Can someone advise how I get this?


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By TessaW
27th Apr 2023 10:20

Managed to find it myself. You start off by saying you want to maintain the trust, then at some point you are asked if you want to see the last declaration & I think by saying No I then got an option to get evidence of the trust's registration. Truly awful system as usual with HMRC.

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Replying to TessaW:
By Hugo Fair
27th Apr 2023 11:42

Well done for cracking it.

I'm sure you feel that's an excellent use of 4 hours of your life! :=)

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Replying to Hugo Fair:
By Justin Bryant
27th Apr 2023 12:59

Yes; like me spending a couple of hours cracking the defective ATED online filing software the other day (had to file incorrectly first with white space disclosure thereof so that I could then immediately amend it to the correct version - all with client's consent of course).

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