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how to ID an overseas client?

how to ID an overseas client?

I have been approached by the adult child of an overseas individual to take on their parent as a UK tax client. They have been referred to me by an existing client. The parent lives abroad (not in a high ML risk country) and is very ill, so will not be returning to UK. Adult child who is in UK has power of attorney. I have no reasons to be suspicious. In order to meet ML regs, is it sufficient to:

-meet adult child

-see (and take copy of) original POA

-see (and take copy of) passport of adult child

What would you do?


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16th Aug 2012 14:31

Power Of Attorney

While there is a power of attorney in place, it seems to me your de facto client is the adult child so your proposal seems fine to me.

No doubt others will have differing views but I can't see that you would have any real problems from this. You have something on the file for your institute to review which will mostly likely keep them happy. 



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