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How to import sage reports into excel?

Excel via Sage 50

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Good morning everybody,

I have MS Office 2016 and Sage 50 2013, before updating window 10, I used to import sage reports into Excel worksheet, because sage older than excell so I can't do it from sage, now after windo10 last update (last week) I lost all my programs and when I reinstall everything I lost this option, anybody knows how to get back (import sage report into excel ).

Thank you in advance.

Abd Sukkar

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By May bee
10th Jul 2018 10:33

I see no reason why Sage 2013 shouldn't be letting you export to Excel. Has it installed properly in other respects? i.e. does it work in general?
I'm running Windows 10 and have just exported a TB to Excel to check it still works for me and all seems to be OK. I follow this route, run TB as a 'preview', then when it is on my screen click export and then change the file type to xls.
Maybe there is a better way of doing this but if it ain't broke...
If you are referring to the 'To Excel' button found on the activity screens however i've always found this to be very unreliable and shows daft things like deleted transactions I believe.

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By A Sukkar
10th Jul 2018 11:09

Hi May bee,
Thank you for your reply, you just remind me how to do this.
But when you want to work on the nominal ledger (for example) you just go to the nominal ledger and click in the bottom on (to Excel) if you have sage older then excel then you will get this message "Your export to Excel did not succeed. Only Ms Excel 2003. 2007. 2010 or 2013 are supported) that is when I used Excel link it was easy and you don't need to open Sage.

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