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How to import Vend sales data into QBO?

Can Vend export data on product sales, VAT code, tags, etc for QBO to import as invoice data CSV?

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I'm a newbie at QBO. I've come into a new company that started with Vend & Xero for 5 months, then migrated from Xero to QBO about 4 weeks before I joined.  They use Vend for shop sales and issue invoices through QBO for waste wood collection services and commissioned recycled wood products. So for decent reporting on what's selling, I think i need all the info in QBO. I'm trying to import sales data from Vend into QBO, but I can't find a way of doing it.  The folks here set up the two systems with different product categories/products & services list - I thought I'd be able to add tags in Vend and then export a CSV with the right headings, but it doesn't seem possible at all.  The company is also wondering whether to VAT register, so presumably we need to add product sales data into QBO so it can produce the VAT calc (some of what we sell is firewood, which has 5% rate).  Does anyone have experience of Vend + QBO together? thanks.

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