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How to increase work speed?

Is there a way to increase efficiency/speed? Eg copying bank statements, finding errors.

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How can efficiency and speed be increased?

I have worked in practice for a while and yet seem to take longer on jobs than I should be.

Copying bank statements for analysis seems to take a while, yet I dont believe I am slow at this. Sometimes finding error in VAT returns and other areas can cause delays.

Can people shed light on their processes so I can see if it is my processes or simply my ability?

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A Putey FACA
By Arthur Putey
26th Mar 2020 10:25

Use (and have your clients use) accounting software that allows bank statements to be imported from Excel, or via a direct bank feed.

If clients can't cope with downloading statements and invoices, and persist in sending you paper, think about using Statement Rec (now owned by Sage so if you are an old fashioned Sages user think about migrating to their online platform) or similar.

With MTD VAT your clients ought to be using systems that allow you to review transactions easily and detect errors.

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