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How to manage clients?

How to manage clients?

Hi All,

Hoping you can help me.

I have recently started a part time practice and now have over 20 clients and increasing week by week. Apart from the obvious such as self assessments and payroll P35 returns that are all consistent in submission times for all clients, I am struggling a little to keep track on when other tasks are due for each client, i.e when VAT return is due, CT returns, Annual return, etc.

I am looking to invest in a diary management software or a crm software in which I can set up my clients as a one off and each time a VAT return is due, it reminds me, etc.CT reminder, annual return, notes for clients, etc.

Right now, i am having to look through my list to see whether anything is due and this will become difficult if i keep growing the way I am.

Thanks guys.


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01st Mar 2012 22:52


If I had 20 clients I'd just use Calendar & Tasks in Outlook to act as a prompt with, not just the submission date itself listing all the clients with a VAT return due that day, but also a prompt 2-3 weeks before.  The events can be set to recur every 3 months, or annually, as needed.

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01st Mar 2012 23:21

Btc tax and practice management softwAre.

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02nd Mar 2012 08:35


The fact that this question is asked so regularly is, I think, testament to the face that there's a big hole for a small, reasonably priced, simple practice management piece of software.

Some people like HQ4A, others (myself included) like Logical Office.  These are both extensive and useful CRM/doc management systems, and probably too feature-rich (and expensive) for what the OP is after.

The nearest I've found on  price and feature basis to what the small practitioner is after is the practice management unit from Absolute software (can't remember its name at the moment - sorry.)  For a low fee it offers customer management and deadline reporting through html - all very easy to use and customise.  For some reason I just don't like the feel of it though - maybe it's the way that if you're not using their complete suite you end up with a number of redundant buttons.  Your mileage may vary, however.

The quest for the holy grail of small practice management continues....



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02nd Mar 2012 09:07

Excel is simple but effective

Add jobs to the task sheet when you get a new client, then when they are completed just add a new one for 3 months time if VAT/12 months for tax or accounts, or change the date of the existing entry. Filters will help you single out VAT returns, SA's, etc.

That wouldn't cost you anything, assuming you have Excel already.

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By SteveOH
02nd Mar 2012 09:46

There is a free CRM system available

Have a look at Capsule. A free version is available covering 250 contacts (I think). It may be a good start off point for you.

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By Tosie
02nd Mar 2012 12:07

email reminders

I receive email reminders from both companies house and HMRC/VAt. Easy to set up and ofcourse when the reminder comes from companies house for the accounts I know the CT is due

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By ksalter
03rd Mar 2012 10:28

company monitoring

You can monitor company filing requirements (accounts and annual returns) for free at http:://



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