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How to obtain FPS from HMRC for lost data

Is it possible to obtain lost FPS information from HMRC?

Due to an issue with my laptop, which has been sent for repairs, I am unable to obtain last two months' FPS reports/data.

I checked on the site which said that the HMRC site has FPS reports, but upon logging in, I can just see: Total NICs and Total Tax payable.

I cannot see the breakdown for employees and cannot see any other information like total pay, etc.

Is there any way to obtain this information directly from HMRC? Can they send out the detailed FPS reports, or will I only be able to obtain the basic information from them like NICs and Total tax?

Thank you in advance for your help.


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17th Jun 2018 21:00

Ouch! Not backing up client data is obvs not good practice; I bet you won't do that again!

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18th Jun 2018 09:38

In answer to your question they can but in my experience they won't

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18th Jun 2018 09:52

Employers helpline do not have access to that level of detail.
The disputed charge team do, and can send spreadsheets of the information they hold to date but I am not sure they will be able to for this reason.
My short term solution, if you are only missing a couple of months, would be to run this month on a mth 1 basis while you wait to see what can be recovered from the laptop.
Presumably the IT guys are extracting the data for you from the hard drive?

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By SXGuy
21st Jun 2018 10:54

Surely you have record of employees details including pay during those month?

I see no reason why you can't just run payroll from the last month you have data for, until you get to the month after you lost the data and file a new FPS.

Providing your figures are the same the data will be. Since hmrc already have those submissions the next FPS will match moving forward.

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