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How to post a Paypal purchase from Germany into Sage

How to post a Paypal purchase from Germany into...
Dear Colleagues,
I am wondering if you could please help me with this new scenario?
I need to post into Sage a Paypal purchase made in GBP from a German supplier. Please could you advise on how to post this and which tax code to use?
Many thanks for your kind assistance.
Best wishes,
Vanessa John


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04th Mar 2016 12:15

Just like ....

Just like a UK payment. Which is what it is.  You're seeing problems that aren't there.

Tax code ?  Can you reclaim the Mehrwerksteuer ?  Indeed, is there any Mehrwerksteuer ? If not, I'd suggest any of the codes that don't carry VAT.

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08th Mar 2016 13:13

Thanks so much for your reply. Yes, the MwSt was charged at 19%, how does this affect the posting? Thanks again!

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08th Mar 2016 13:30

Depends if you can reclaim the MwSt.

You didn't say.

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08th Mar 2016 14:37

Hello and thanks again! I don't think we can claim so your first answer is great for me. All the best!

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08th Mar 2016 14:54

If you are VAT registered....

..... and this is a B2B purchase, then contact the company and give them your VAT number.  You can then ask them to refund the "overpaid" MwST.  You will then need to check your VAT codes on Sage to check that the deemed VAT appears in box 2 and the purchase in box 8.  

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