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How to print alternate pages in Excel?

How to print alternate pages in Excel?

I often have large reports to run, and to save paper it would be better to print on both sides of the paper. But, of course, my printer does not have the functionality to print both sides does it ? (that would just be too simple!)
So, I used to choose the option to print the even pages, then put the paper back in upside down and print the odd pages.

Since our IT guys have 'upgraded' us to Excel 2000, this option seems to have disapeared. Can any one tell me how to do this (ie, print only odd / even pages)?

Colleen Walker


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04th Jun 2004 15:22

Macro for Duplex printing
Spotted this on a Microsoft Forum
Credit to Gord Dibben ([email protected])

Copy/paste this macro to a general module in your workbook or Personal.xls.

Run it from Tools>Macro>Macros.

Sub PrintDoubleSided()
Dim Totalpages As Long
Dim pg As Long
Dim oddoreven As Integer
On Error GoTo enditt
Totalpages = ExecuteExcel4Macro("Get.Document(50)")
oddoreven = InputBox("Enter 1 for Odd, 2 for Even")
For pg = oddoreven To Totalpages Step 2
ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.PrintOut from:=pg, To:=pg
Next pg
End Sub

The following link is useful for explaining how to create or copy a macro

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04th Jun 2004 08:48

Don't use xl, But
Cant you set that up in the print box, use File,Print rather than the print icon.
hope that helps

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