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How to proceed with co. house

com ceased trading

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 I am a director one of two in a leisure co. The first years acconts were due in April for YE July 16. The co has not traded since Dec 16 and the advice from the accontant is that if the DS01 is applied for there will be no need to do accounts. I  have signed the forms but my co Director won't so nothing has been done. I have now received a statuary notice from CO House for overdue accounts. The assets have been sold to pay off all debts and the bank account has been closed. Have you got any advice on how to proceed.

Thanks canducan

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Steve Edwards
By stevo5678
15th May 2017 20:59

I normally advise to complete a final set of accounts before completing the DS01 so HMRC know where they stand.

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By marks
15th May 2017 23:14

The correct procedure is prepare accounts to cessation, submit the accounts to Companies House and submit corporation tax return to HMRC. Any creditors, including any corporation tax bill, should be settled before procedure to wind up company is started.

As without preparing final accounts and company tax return how can you confirm that all creditors at date of cessation of trade have been determined and either settled by that date or since.

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By johngroganjga
16th May 2017 10:21

You won't need to file accounts at Companies House once the DS01 has been filed, but the DS01 can't be signed until HMRC have been sorted out, for which purpose the company will of course need to prepare accounts.

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Replying to johngroganjga:
By canducan
16th May 2017 11:13

Can you clarify the difference between preparing accounts for HMRC and then not needing to file them at co house , I think the accountant's advice I've been given is so as not to incur further debt. I understand that it will need to be established that there is a profit or loss situation so therefore accounts. What I want to know is how to prevent
penalties and criminal liability with co house. As I say the co director has the invoices and receipts for the 18 month period and is not very cooperative with me or the accountant. Could I resign as a director or would I still be responsible for the past trading period.Your advice is greatly appreciated.

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Replying to canducan:
By johngroganjga
16th May 2017 14:57

I said you won't need to file them at Companies House if the DS01 is filed first.

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