How to produce IXBRL accounts without a company no

Im trying to prodcue iXBRL tagged accounts for Corporation tax returns for non UK companies

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Can anyone assist as to how to produce iXBRL tagged accounts for a non UK company that now has to report via the Corporation Tax regime because of UK rental income. I am trying to use iXBRL tagging software but one of the tags its insisting on is the UK company number which non of these entities have. I have tried sending paper returns in the past and always end up with penalties which are usually dropped following an appeal but would be good to be able to submit electronically.

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By Ruddles
01st Dec 2023 18:45


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By ann domonkos
01st Dec 2023 19:16

Have you looked on Companies house they all have to register now ...but I think prior to that I used there overseas number or made it up .Uk register of overseas company.

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By Siri_9
12th Feb 2024 11:33

If you encounter complexities or uncertainties during the iXBRL compliance process, consider seeking assistance from accounting professionals or consultants with expertise in iXBRL reporting for non-UK companies.

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