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How to put client onto Sage desktop mid-year

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Client had been maintaining their own VAT records manually for many years. Client asked us to start using Sage desktop for Quarter 2 of the year onwards urgently because they are entitled to a VAT refund. Invoices (inputs and outputs) have been input and the VAT run, but no bank etc input as yet. Client now wants Sage to record everything for the full financial year so we need to input Quarter 1: the quarter that the client did manually and has already submitted to HMRC. I am thinking the best way of proceeding is to input Quarter 1 and run a VAT return but tick the "submitted to HMRC" box instead of actually submitting. But I've got a question: will Sage permit the second VAT period to be dated before the first VAT period?

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By Anita14
01st Apr 2019 15:26

Should do, as you can select any date that you have data for (assuming you haven't enabled MTD yet). The easiest way to check would be to run a backup then post in a single transaction to Q1 and try it.

Just make sure you haven't any Q1 transactions that really haven't been included in a VAT return yet as Sage won't be able to differentiate between them.

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