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How to reclaim VAT for a non-EC UK visitor

How to reclaim VAT for a non-EC UK visitor

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Quick and simple question.

An American tourist wants to reclaim VAT when he leaves the UK.

He'll be departing from the QE2 terminal, Southampton.

Does anyone know where the Customs office or booth/kiosk is so that he can obtain the refunds?

I have been unable to find any information online, just the usual HMRC spiel about how the system is supposed to work. [Yeah! Right!]


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By Malcolm McFarlin
14th Dec 2013 18:13

Customs address
Try this address. If not they should know on board the ship. Regional Office
Customs House
Orchard Place


SO14 3NS

United Kingdom

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By CatherineR5
15th Dec 2013 07:48

There should be a post-box for the completed VAT paperwork in the terminal - I suspect once he's on board the ship it may be too late, so I'd recommend trying to track it down as soon as he arrives in the Terminal.


Customs & Excise enquiry number: 0300 200 3700 (8am-6pm mon-to-Fri)

United Kingdom Border Force (Customs and Immigration) Southampton 


023 8079 7429, 

023 8062 7107


I'm sure the traveller and the OP have already read this, but for information, this is the process for reclaiming UK VAT if you are a non-EU traveller:


And this is the same information, written a different way around.


The critical things are that there are spending limits below which claims cannot be made, the initial forms must be completed at the time and point of purchase, and the reclaim should be submitted from the last point of departure from the EU.

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