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How to reclaim VAT for services outside of the UK?

How do I reclaim VAT for services outside of the UK?

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Hello everyone,

Excuse me for the beginner question, but how do I reclaim VAT charged by service providers outside of the UK? I have an ecommerce business and some of the advertising services are provided by a company in Luxembourg who then sends me the invoices with VAT including their Luxembourg VAT number. Do I need to reclaim that in Luxembourg even though I'm not registered there or can I just do it through the UK where my company is based? 

Thanks in advance!

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By Accountant A
20th Apr 2017 00:07

I thought you were an accountant? If not, I think you need one.

Your first posting on January 2nd said "We have a client in the U.S. that setup a Limited company using us as the registered office. We are about to VAT register this client ...".

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