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How to Save Thread's & Discussions on AW?

How to Save Thread's & Discussions on AW?

When I look under My AccountingWeb I can see my Content Notifications is this pretty much how you can look at previous threads that one has posted under? Will that also show threads where you have marked them to receive updates for comments but not posted? I'm thinking mainly for good articles that are posted that I want to refer to later, what's the best way to find them again (other than searching!)? 

I've been on other forums where one could subscribe to thread/discussions to see old discussions or useful postings. Obviously I can save as Bookmarks or Print but that's not really ideal. 

Be useful to know if there is some other way that I've not seen?


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By rslosek
23rd Mar 2012 09:09

I use Diigo

I save them as a bookmark, cache the page, and add to a list, so all AW are in one place.

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28th Mar 2012 13:16

There are ways to do it


Until AccountingWEB's big overhaul 9 months ago we had a document library facility that could do some of the things you ask, but hardly anyone used it (me included).

It was dropped in the 

"My AccountingWEB" section does include the "My content notifications", which lists the discussion groups and blogs you follow; you can set notification times for these individually, but as you note, not for Any Answers threads, I'm afraid, which are a yes/no choice. 

The "My new content" option may achieve some of what you wish. This page lists threads you have started or participated in which have had new content added to them since you last visited the site. One trick some people use is to post a comment with the word "follow" or similar and activate the notification option to get follow up emails (and retain the item in your content list). This is a bit of a faff, so there is defnitely an argument to have a "Follow" link included on each page.

I'll make sure our community and software development teams are aware of your suggestions - and perhaps we can try and accommodate them when we tackle some of the follow-up issues around our upgrade.

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28th Mar 2012 14:06



@R What's Diigo? I can just bookmark and save a folder of threads on Google Chrome. How is Diigo and caching the page different? (Sorry if I'm being stupid)

@J Thanks, yea a subscribe to thread would be very useful for content pruposes. I know I can go to my content but if thread subscription can be added in future?


Does email notification have to be switched on for new threads? I don't appear to have got any notification of replies to this thread though I have on others where I have replied?

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By rslosek
to leshoward
06th Apr 2012 19:02

Caching saves the page. Bookmarking works as long as the url doesn't change. Given a lot of what a person may want to save on AW is for reference, this matters. Yes Google often caches the page, but that part is a lottery and for professional matters, I dont' want to take the risk. With Diigo, I just search, and bingo, it's there. If the url has changed or the site is down, it's still there.

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28th Mar 2012 15:51

Daily digest is the default for comments

Hi again,

You're giving me a good refresher course in the site navigation. Just below any comment box on the site, there's a "Get emails with new comments" pull down menu that is set to "Daily" by default. My guess is that you haven't got the daily digest for this thread yet, but you can set the notifications to come immediately (ignore my previous and wrong comment on that point).

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30th Mar 2012 12:26



Thanks John, I'm not sure I'm getting updates at all. I didn't get the one from the previous poster. and I don't seem to have got an email of the Daily Digest either. 

I have got these on other posts but nothing recently. There really is a need for a Follow Button on Threads.There is a Good Discussion at the moment about the Disadvantages of Incorporation but if everyone was to post Follow it would be rather cluttered to say the least.


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