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How to say NIL

How to say NIL

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Over the last six months, I seem to get more and more clients calling to say they have received a letter from HMRC (usually  from an office in Colchester) asking for the outstanding PAYE.  In most cases, none is due.

How do you set about dealing with this?  Do you post a load of NIL slips from the booklet(s), if you have them. In more and more cases, there is no pay booklet. Do you then go online to complete a form electronically.  This is fine for one client, but if you have 30, it's just too time consuming.

Any other ideas?

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By Euan MacLennan
02nd Feb 2012 14:39

Do it ...

... online.

It must take all of 15 seconds to do each one, particularly if your browser remembers the AO reference.

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By John Cotter
02nd Feb 2012 14:51

Online nil return

This takes seconds to file a nil return on-line see

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By EW110
02nd Feb 2012 15:04


And if you haven't already done so, change to quarterly payments if they meet the criteria which presumably will if £nil returns.

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By Old Greying Accountant
02nd Feb 2012 15:21

Agree with above, or ...

... if ongoing for the forseeable call HMRC, tell them to suspend PAYE until further notice. Once through the one operator should be able to deal with all in one hit.

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